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Office Cleaning

Parkway Janitorial Office Cleaning

PARKWAY JANITORIAL™ provides commercial office cleaning services to commercial and professional offices that need a more health focused office cleaning program. With PARKWAY, your office environment will become a cleaner and healthier workplace which helps reduce the spread of illness and infection among your employees and guests.

Medical Facility

Parkway Janitorial Medical Facility Cleaning

The PARKWAY JANITORIAL™ cleaning system meets or exceeds medical standards set by OSHA. Medical offices contain germs that can spread through a medical facility for days. We provide a hygienic focused approach that can assist in reducing the spread of infectious disease and illness causing germs. The PARKWAY JANITORIAL™ cleaning system consists of specialized staff training, hospital grade disinfectants and state of the art cleaning equipment. Our experience includes servicing all types of medical offices, including surgery centers.

Education Institutions

Parkway Janitorial Education Institution Cleaning

PARKWAY JANITORIAL™ understands how important a germ-free environment is to schools, universities, and daycare facilities. There is nothing more important than the health and safety of the children. We know what it takes to keep students healthy as they explore and learn. With school and daycare cleaning services from PARKWAY JANITORIAL™, it’s easy to keep children and employees protected against germs. Our health focused approach to cleaning makes you confident that your facility is clean. Killing and removing germs to create this healthy environment is an important step to help reduce the spread of germs and we want to help with that goal.

Restaurant Services

Parkway Janitorial Restaurant Services

In the restaurant business, cleanliness is everything. From customer satisfaction to federal regulations, it is not to be overlooked or taken lightly. Accidents and spills are inevitable, as well as last minute pop-up events. You need a professional cleaning company that you can count on to be there for you when you are crunched for time. PARKWAY JANITORIAL™ will be there with a quick response and take charge effectively fulfilling your cleaning needs. We provide a superior deep clean and service that you can count on.

Event Venues

Parkway Janitorial Event Venue Cleaning

Impress your fans and partners with stadium and event center cleaning from PARKWAY JANITORIAL™. We provide an immaculate and dedicated cleaning solution that will help improve the total fan experience in your venue. With 24 hour operations support, we will be there for every event every time. Our supply solutions will also make sure that no guest ever runs out of paper, soap or other sanitation products.

Specialty Services

Parkway Janitorial Specialty Services